Philadelphia Beer Tour

Includes a post-run brew!

Journey down Philly’s craft beer trail with the best 5k beer run in Philadelphia! The City of Brotherly Love has a long love affair with all things beer. This fun beer run will leave you craving a post-run brew from one of the many breweries you’ll see along the way!

We offer two versions of the Beer Run: Short Skip and Some Hops (3 mile) and The Long Brew (5 mile)! Short Skip and Some Hops features more than a dozen beer related sites and The Long Brew tacks on 6 additional breweries!

Where We Meet: Center of Washington Square, click here for map

Places We Go: 2nd Story Brewing, Iron Hill Brewery, Love City Brewing, Roy Pitz Barrel House, Yards Brewing Company, Goose Island Brewhouse, Urban Village Brewing Company, Fishtown Brewpub, Mainstay Independent Brewing and more!

Where We End: Spring Arts or Fishtown (depends on length)

Run Distance: 3 miles or 5 miles

Time Length: 75-90 minutes

Cost: $39 (Short Skip and Some Hops) or $44 (Long Brew), includes a post-run brew

Terrain: Flat sidewalk

Pace: Light jog

Extra: Includes water along the way, post-run brew and run map

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In addition to being America's first capital and Ben Franklin’s hometown, did you know Philly has a dense concentration of breweries and a wild industrial past? This run will feature stories about many high-quality breweries in Philly’s Center City. We tie together the unique Philly beer narrative as we run through several of Philly’s neighborhoods and “tap” into common themes like industrialization, craft beer trends, pop culture and many American Firsts. At the end, we can even sample a beer to cap off the run!

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