What pace will we run?

We run at a light jogging pace. We adjust as needed for every group. No runner is left behind! We are not walking, but we are also not sprinting. Its a comfortable pace!

Will we take breaks?

Yes, we take a couple of breaks along the way to soak in the sites, grab a drink of water, and take a couple photos!

Can I take pictures?

Of course! There is a lot to see so we know you want to snap some photos! We encourage it.

What if it rains or snows?

We run in all conditions, but we are reasonable. A little mist can actually enhance the experience! In extreme conditions we cancel due to weather. We only run if it is safe. If for some reason weather detracts from an experience, we are happy to work with you. If you need to reschedule due to weather, please reach out to us and we will find a solution.

Do I need headphones?

Nope! No headphones required for the standard fun runs. We believe this approach provides you an even richer experience.

Can you hold my items?

Yes, we can hold small handheld items for you. Your guide will have a backpack to carry such items.

Can I ask questions along the way?

Absolutely! We want this experience to be a conversation! If you have any questions or comments along the way, please speak up! It adds to the experience!

How do we meet up?

Your guide meets you at the designated location on your reservation. They wear clothing with the SeePhillyRun logo.

What all do I receive?

You receive the most information about Philly that we can possibly fit into 90 minutes. We provide water, a customized map of your run, and sometimes even surprise giveaways.

What do I need to bring?

Weather appropriate running attire is really all you need. If you’d like photos, please bring a camera or your smartphone.

Can I bring children?

Runs are designed for adults 18 years and up. If you’d like to take kids, contact us ahead of time to see what we can do! We love families!

How big are groups?

Groups can be as large as 10 people.

Until when can I sign up?

We keep runs open as late as 1 hour before the start, but often you can make last minute reservations if you call or send us an email. If its on the calendar as open, you can book it.

What if I’m running late?

Please contact us if you’ll be late so we can potentially reschedule. We start timely, but we will wait 5 minutes after scheduled start time if necessary.

Who is SeePhillyRun’s photographer?

Most photography, unless otherwise noted, was done by Patrick Leslie. Click here for more detail and to contact Patrick directly. Homepage photo at Loews Hotel & Photos on Event Planning page by Emma Padner and the Temple News.