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The 5K Philly Heart Run

Run a Heart in Philly for Children's Right to Love both Parents!


Rates: Person (All Ages): $20

Duration: 90 minutes | 3 Miles (5 Kilometers) with Stops

Starts and Ends: Philadelphia Love Statue (JFK Plaza)

When: September 12, 2019 at 7pm

Terrain: Flat Sidewalk

Pace: Light Jog. All runners are welcome!

Included: Water & Customized Run Map


More detail:

This is an open-to-the-public one time running event to support the Equal Parenting Association, which works to give all children the right to be loved by both parents regardless of the relationship between the parents. This 5K run will pass by many iconic Philly sites and be run along a route which creates a heart shape! This run is sponsored by Dofri Hermannsson of Iceland. Sign up here.

Inspiration for The Philly Heart Run in Dofri's own words:

"I am coming to Philly to attend an international conference about Parental Alienation. Millions of kids are losing a loving mom or dad out of their lives just because the other parent is letting his or her difficult feelings getting in the way of the child's independent right to have and love both parents. Not only that, they are made to believe that the alienated parent is evil, dangerous and worthless. Millions of parents are ruined by sorrow and shame. Millions of grandparents are mourning their grandchildren. Siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I am one, but not alone.

Two years ago I was deep down in sorrow and shame for being an alienated parent. I was lucky enough to have other people guiding me, connecting me to other parents in the same situation. Together we have been trying to learn more about this covert abuse and what can be done about it. We decided to form a running group that would run in the Reykjavik Marathon last August to raise money to send someone to attend a great conference held by the Parental Alienation Study Group in Philadelphia.

To gain attention, we came up with the idea of running hearts. We design our tracks in a way that they will form hearts. It was a great way to express love and to fight abuse in a kind way. And it worked. We raised enough to send two people to the conference but more importantly - people started talking. It turned out almost every family knows a child or a parent that is suffering from this cruel abuse.

For this we are grateful and we want to run a heart in Philly for children's right to love both parents.

You are most welcome to join us. :) <3"