SeePhillyRun: For Your Good Cause

Change is constant. You have to shake it up from time to time. That applies to your personal AND your professional life. It comes in different forms, and with SeePhillyRun we’re not really changing….rather, we are incorporating an additional direction into our strategy.

I’ve been inspired by how incredibly strong the running community is in Philadelphia. Is there any other city in the country which compares? So many running clubs. So many events. So many amazing causes.

Amazing causes is what I want to dive into. SeePhillyRun is now in a place where we can help individuals, businesses and organizations increase awareness and fund raise for important causes simply by designing unique fun runs that give back. This does NOT mean our one-of-a-kind tours go away - it just means we are also going to focus on ‘Good Causes” and how we can help YOU. That new messaging is now on our home page and our Good Causes & Race Services page.

Recently I was contact by a gentleman from Iceland. He explained his story and how Parental Alienation was a cause deeply important to him. He was coming to Philly for a conference on that topic. What did we do?

We created a unique run route in the shape of a heart, starting and ending at the Love Statue, and gave proceeds to the Parental Alienation cause of Mr. Hermannsson’s choosing. It was a big success! See more info and photos about it here.

This feeling has caught fire, and we are now helping put on the Philadelphia’s Magic Garden 5K Mosaic Brunch Run which benefits the Mosaic Fund for maintenance of the famous South Philly Mosaics from Isaiah Zagar.

Are you as an individual or business looking to raise awareness, fund raise, create inspiration, or just want to say thank you to someone or something?

Perhaps we can help with a unique pop-up Philly Fun Run, catered exactly to your needs. 

Contact us if you are interested!  

All the best and see you out there!