SeePhillyRun Is More Than Just A Tour Agency

SeePhillyRun Is More Than Just A Tour Agency….

What exactly does that mean???

It means SeePhillyRun can help you take your conferences and business meetings in Philadelphia to the next level. We specialize in unique Philly pop-up runs which provide that boost of wellness, networking and energy you need to make your event an even greater success.

What we offer is perfect for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and sports industry meetings, but let’s be honest: Every industry wants wellness! If you're organizing an event in Philly, contact us directly or ask your contact at the PHLCVB or at your hotel about SeePhillyRun. We’re members of the PHLCVB and the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association. We want to add a dose of wellness to your event!

Too often conferences organizers are cornered into big bulky 5Ks or 10ks that require blocked off streets, permits, cutting red tape. And that costs a lot of money. That’s unfortunate because often that is not even what the conference organizers want nor need! This is where SeePhillyRun can step in and offer a seamless solution.

We offer customized pop-up runs for up to 50 people and we guarantee satisfaction!

Believe us: a lot of the attendees at your conference and business meetings are interested in a networking fun run in the morning to kick off a productive day. We often hear its a highlight of their conference or even the best part of their trip to Philly! For some, its an alternative to golf! We can even execute multiple runs over the course of your conference. In a nutshell: we want to help you make a splash and create an amazing event for your attendees who are into wellness and seeing Philly.

Check out the photos from our recent Wellness & Networking Fun Run sponsored by Health Advocate which we put on for the Welcoa Summit in August. Learn more about these services at the SeePhillyRun Event Planners Services Page to see what we can do for your upcoming Philly event.

Happy running and see you out there!

All the best,


Photo credits to Emma Padner of The Temple News.