SeePhillyRun Goes Hollywood @ The Travel+Adventure Show

3 Big Takeaways from last weekend’s Travel & Adventure Show:

  1. Secret weapon at all future trade show booths will be…little white and red peppermint candies. We put them at our booth because no one can resist them. More than half of our conversations started with someone plopping one of those mints in their mouth. You can buy 500 of them for $20 here. You cannot go wrong!

  2. Trade shows are just a teeny bit about sales. They are mostly about networking and the relationships you build with industry professionals showing in the booths around you.

  3. 80s Brat Pack celebrities are hilarious. At the show I chatted with Andrew McCarthy (star of Pretty in Pink & Weekend at Bernies), and seriously he should be a stand-up comedian. If you see me, ask what we talked about - it’s NSFBP (Not Safe For Blog Posts).

In other SeePhillyRun news…..

On February 28th, SeePhillyRun (in collaboration with Philadelphia Runner) hosted one of its biggest events yet. In just an hour, 50 people from all fitness levels experienced a ton of Philly, networked & got a light workout in. Alcides Franceschini created an amazing 30 second SeePhillyRun promo video from the event. Check it out here! And hit up Mr. Franceschini if you are looking for solid video work!

Roy-Pitz Barrel House Beer Run is up coming on March 22 and 24, and Roy-Pitz’s brewmaster is going to run with us!  It is gonna be a beautiful run. Trust me. Light jog, little Philly history, and cap it off with a tasty beer of your choice from Roy-Pitz. Check out the massive Roy-Pitz beer list! You CANNOT go wrong. Details and sign up here.

SeePhillyRun now has gift certificates! I’m a runner and many of the people closest to me are runners as well. It’s crazy but I know some of you are NOT runners. These gift certificates allow people who aren’t runners to give a running-themed gift to that runner in their life. Check em out here….

Stay tuned for our next blog where we interview one of the best running coaches in Philly, John Goldthorp. We learn about his business Fix Your Run and whole lot more!

See ya out there….

All the best,