Make Team Building Fun Again + Adventures in Podcasting

What do you think of when you hear “Team Building”?

When I ask people that question, I receive a variety of answers, not all of them positive.

That’s interesting because there are a ton of great reasons to do team building: get to know each other better, boost performance, celebrate, get motivated, create something new, collaborate, and open up the lines of communication.

With all of those positive outcomes available, why does the phrase “Team Building” make some people cringe?

I believe some people are naturally introverted and team building is not their thing. But for the rest of us, I think team building sometimes feels like an afterthought or just plain corny. There are a whole lot of been-around-the-block ideas without much of an agenda that are labeled team building.

That’s unfortunate because team building is meant to be inspiring. That can only happen if the event itself feels inspired and invigorating.

SeePhillyRun is an inspired team building option for your business or event.

It’s not for every employee, but a fun networking run with colleagues is a great fit for a lot of people plus it has a big dose of wellness.

We have options for Wellness Professionals and Event Planners.

Next time you are thinking about Team Building, think of us. Contact us here.


On a side note: Podcasts are fun!

Last week we were featured in Momentum Digital’s podcast Small Business Saturday. Here’s the link. Great little bio on SeePhillyRun. Podcast available in every medium under the sun including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic. Check it out – even just the first 15 minutes if you can!

Don’t freeze out there. See you on Kelly Drive, along the Delaware Riverfront, or down in the Navy Yard!

All the best,