The Many Faces of Philly

As much as SeePhillyRun is a business, it’s also a mission. A mission to show the world just how deep and multi-faceted Philly is.

I have this feeling that Philly is not fully understood and appreciated. Many people, especially visitors, know the colonial Ben Franklin-esque stories and they know the Rocky “chip-on-the-shoulder” edge Philly brings to the table. And that’s where the conversation often ends.

There’s much more. The arts, the diversity, the 1800s industrial powerhouse, the civil rights movements, the Centennial, the Bicentennial, even the Sesquicentennial for goodness sake, the French influence, the brewing history, etc. etc. This city is teeming with stories.

So 2019 has so far been about finding partners who feel this same passion for Philly. It feels great to find like-minded partners all around. Among others, here are 3 we met with this week:

1) Beyond the Bell Tours – Wow! Super interesting and promising tour group giving #metoo themed tours! Check them out. I thought SeePhillyRun was unique - Beyond the Bell has it going on.

2) Love City Brewing – Amazing young brewery pioneering new space up in Spring Arts. Some of our 3 Mile Beer Runs (aptly named Short Skip and Some Hops) will end there along with our Fox School of Business Alumni Fun Runs in March!

3) Philadelphia Runner – A known entity of course, but so positive and confident about how much running is and will continue to grow in Philly. Stay tuned – SeePhillyRun will lead a fun run for Philadelphia Runner next month!

One last thing before I forget: I’m running the Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon in March and fundraising for Legacy of Hope ! If you (a) sign up for a SeePhillyRun running tour or (b) buy a SeePhillyRun t-shirt, use our LOVERUN promo code to receive 10% off. I will personally match the amount you save and donate it to Legacy of Hope!

What a week!

All the best,