I love Philly. I love storytelling. I love to run.

Running Through The Streets. Philadelphia’s Best Running Tour. SeePhillyRun.

My name is Ian. I founded SeePhillyRun, and I’ve led unique tours of Philly for over a decade. I started SeePhillyRun to share my passions with you during your time in the City of Brotherly Love! I’m a 5-time marathoner and a member of Philly’s 3 major running clubs. SeePhillyRun is a proud member of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides (APT, Philly’s premier tour guide guild). I have a history degree and an MBA in Customer Experience. My historical expertise covers all of Philly’s eras.

The SeePhillyRun mission is simple: Revolutionize the Philly Experience.

Philly is beautiful. It’s green. It’s the definition of a diverse melting pot. It has an enlightened past and a bright future. It’s laid out perfectly and is full of nearly 400 years of stories. Philly is THE best urban location to run in the USA.

SeePhillyRun has an experience for you! But don’t just take it from me! Check out our reviews here.

I want to know what you think! Contact me with your ideas and questions and don’t forget to sign for our Newsletter!

All the best from Philly, Ian

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